This blog provides information about the latest research and news into how parents can guide their children’s media-related behaviors. Research on how the media affects children, and what parents can do about it, rarely makes it out of academic journals into the hands of those who need it most – Parents!  The purpose of this blog is to make available as much information as possible to help parents in their every-day parenting practices.

“Parents, media, and children” was started by graduate student (and father) in communication, Eric Rasmussen. Eric and his wife were (and still are!) concerned about the messages their four daughters receive from various types of media.  As a researcher, Eric has access to scholarly research about media effects and the parent-child relationship, but this same information is not readily available to parents who aren’t researchers. This site aims to change that.

Ultimately, the goal of this blog is to serve as a library in itself — a hub for all information related to parents, children and the media.  If you have questions that this site doesn’t answer, send us an e-mail. If you know of research that this site does not cite, please forward it on so we can make it available.  The more research the better, so parents can make informed choices about how to interact with their children when it comes to the media.










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