A new eating disorder

I wonder what the media’s effect on this new eating disorder is (copy and paste this link to see an article from Yahoo! News:


Could our infatuation with eating healthy lead to problems as well?  Seems like moderation in all things may be the best strategy when it comes to our health.


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One response to “A new eating disorder

  1. Caralee Sanders

    WE comment about this all the time- some people tend to make themselves allergic to one variety of foods, then all of the sudden they are allergic to other types of food until it becomes an obsession. We know some people who eliminated gluten, dairy, corn, and some vegetables because they had allergies to all of them. I don’t know their medical charts, but it seems like they are obsessive about some things and we can’t even invite them to dinner because they can’t eat anything that we eat practically. Interesting.

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