Music’s effect on self-worth

Even listening to music or watching music videos can be harmful to teenagers. A recent study involving eighth-graders in Washington state found that the more important music media (music videos, audio, or printed articles about musicians) is to adolescents, the less physically attractive adolescents feel and the lower overall opinion they have about themselves.  And, the more kids listen to music, watch music videos, and read about musicians in places like magazines, the more important music media is to them. Turning the results around, it seems like consuming less music media leads to less importance being placed on music media, which in turn leads to feeling better about oneself and about one’s physical attractiveness.  The whole study can be found at:

Kistler, M., Rodgers, K.B., Power, T., Austin, E.W., & Hill, L.G. (2010). Adolescents and music media: Toward an involvement-mediational model of consumption and self-concept. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 20(3), 616-630.


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  1. I was wondering where I could find info on this. Music’s effect on self-worth | Parents, media, and children saved me a lot of time. Please, keep it up!

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