Internet literacy

My oldest daughter, who is in the 4th grade, came home from school recently and said “Mom, dad, we’ve got to check out My friends said it’s all pink and cool!”  We try to keep our kids’ Internet experience at least in our peripheral vision so we asked her to hold off checking the site out.  So, a colleague and I at school visited the site, and sure enough, it was a pornography site.  How word got out to little girls that it was cool, pink, and princessy is anyone’s guess.

Related to this experience, I came across an article by Cho & Cheon (2005) showing that children are exposed to negative Internet content (“violent online games, sexually explicit sites, online chatting with unknown persons, and online gambling,” p. 497) more than parents think they are.

Here is the information on the Cho & Cheon article:

Cho, C.-H., & Cheon, H. (2005). Children’s exposure to negative internet content: Effects of family context. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 49 (4), 488-509.


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